• Begins with 3 evaluation sessions in order to identify the specific areas of difficulty in your relationship
  • Weekly sessions based on the problem areas identified in the assessment
  • Tapers off as the couple masters problem areas. Tapering allows the couple to practice skills at home and has been shown to lower the chance of problems recurring
Dr. Rand believes that with the right tools couples can increase the closeness, respect, and affection for each other; they are better able to resolve their conflict; they develop a deeper understanding of each other and they maintain the improvements in their relationships.

There are several signs that a couple should seek help, the most common of them are:
  • Communication problems
  • Unfulfilled emotional needs
  • Angry outbursts or sullen withdrawal
  • Conflicts involving affairs
  • Problems involving time or money
  • Parenting or family problems
  • Lack of affection, closeness or respect
Ideally, couples would seek help before problems become overwhelming, however, many couples feel embarrassed or shy about revealing their problems. Many wait up to 6 years before seeking help. Other couples feel that they need to understand their problems before seeking help. By that time, they’ve often given up hope. They have developed a “hardness” or distance with each other that seems almost impossible to break through. Regardless of the stage a marriage is in, Dr. Rand creates a safe environment for couples to restore their loving feelings. From his experience working with couples, he believes that help is possible, even when things seem beyond help. Every couple has the potential to heal their relationship.

If one (or both) of you find yourself struggling in your relationship, Dr Rand can help you end the conflict gridlock. He can help you learn the process to manage these problems getting you back on track.

Dr. Rand uses methods adapted from the work of Drs. John and Julie Gottman and the therapeutic use of Attachment Theory. These methods were developed from studies of thousands of couples over a period of twenty years. Out of these years of study, the Gottmans developed interventions that are specific to the difficulties experienced by couples. Key areas that are explored are:
  • Learning to communicate effectively by softening the communication process
  • Rediscovery of “Love Maps”, the foundation for marital intimacy Maintaining calmness during conflict discussions
  • Reducing the effects of Physiological Flooding during conflict
  • Regaining the sense of closeness that you had during the early times in your relationship
  • Maintaining the gains you experience during sessions
Research has indicated that couples wait six years before seeking help for trouble in their relationship. Couples frequently feel that they should be able to fix their own problems and they are frequently reluctant to seek help. Please call to discuss your situation if you feel your relationship could use help. Dr. Rand will be happy to talk with you. If he is not available when you call, he will call back later the same day. Give yourselves a chance to have your relationship be the positive experience that you imagined.


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