It IS possible to put love, affection and respect back in your marriage.

In a cultural environment in which 50% of marriages end in divorce, Dr. Barry Rand helps couples rebuild the love and desire that brought them together and gives them successful ways to manage their conflicts. He is an expert in helping couples to understand how their relationship has gotten off track and, more importantly, he helps couples to re-establish love, intimacy and trust.

Dr. Rand helps couples to be successful in:

Increasing respect, affection, and closeness
Breaking through and resolving conflict, even when you feel stuck
Generating greater understanding between partners
Keeping conflict discussions calm
Maintaining the improvements couples make in their relationship
Eliminating the poisonous effects of criticism and contempt
• Healing from extramarital affairs

By helping couples to step back from the hopelessness that they feel when overwhelmed by problems and differences, couples can work through their difficulties to a restored intimacy and closeness. Withdrawal and defensiveness can lead to greater closeness and understanding.

While the ideal would be for couples to seek help before problems become overwhelming, many couples find themselves hesitant to make the call for help. They wait, hoping things will change. Or they feel shy and perhaps judge themselves harshly for the difficulties in their relationship. Regardless of how difficult things seem, Dr. Rand creates a safe, trusting environment for couples to heal their relationship without blame. He works to make each partner feel heard and accepted. From his experience working with couples, he has come to believe that help is possible, and that every couple has the potential to heal their relationship.

One area that some couples struggle with is the effect of an extramarital affair.  Dr. Rand has had great success helping couples to move through the painful aftershocks of an affair.  When both partners want to heal the relationship, he can help them to talk about the complexity of the affair and about the feelings that are so painful.  Although there is no magic way to work through an affair, with help some couples come away from this experience more strongly together.

There are several signs that should signal a couple to seek help. The most common of them are:
Communication problems
Unfulfilled emotional needs or emotional distancing
Angry outbursts or sullen withdrawal
Conflicts involving affairs
Problems involving time or money
Parenting or family problems
Significant criticism or defensiveness

If you find yourself struggling with any of these difficulties, Dr Rand is committed to helping you bring love and affection back into your relationship. Even when it feels hopeless, the spark can still be found to ignite a relationship.


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